Ministering: Apst. Jordan Akada

Text: Ps. 102:25, Zechariah 4:9

a. Foundations are necessary for Establishment, Durability and Continuity. For example God layed the foundation of Heaven and Earth (Ps. 102:25).

b. Every house has its own foundations, even the house of God Physically (Zechariah 4:9).

c. Every generation has its own foundation, so there’s also foundations laid for a generation (Isa. 58:12).

1. Regeneration or New Birth (John 3:1-9).

New Birth gives us:

(i) New Life – Romans 6:1-4, 2Corn. 5:17.

(ii) New desire and ambitions – Colossian 3:1-3, Romans 14:17.

(iii) Guarantees discovery of purpose – Acts 9:1-20. Until you discover your purpose in life you can’t manifest and you can’t take delivery of your destiny.
Prayer: Lord reveals to me what you created me for and help me to work on myself.

(iv) it ensures restoration through the baptism and infilling of the holy ghost – Joel 2:23-26, Acts 2:1-28. It takes the Holy Spirit for you to create your own world out of the world that was damaged when you did not know God.

2. Sound knowledge of the will of God: (Romans 12:1-2) sound knowledge comes through the spirit of Humility and meekness, so that the spirit of God can reveal himself to you. A proud person cannot have the sound knowledge of the word.

Things to know about having sound knowledge of the word of God:

(i) the will of God is wrapped in the word of God. Until you understand and know the will of God for your life, the devil will wheel you to any direction. So it is your will and the will of God you know that keeps you on the right track of your Destiny. – Hebrews 10:7, Isa. 61:1-3. So God is glorified when you manifest.

(ii) Bankruptcy of the knowledge of the will of God leads to disaster in Destiny – Hosea 4:6.

(iii) You must search the scripture – John 5:39, Acts 17:10-11. If you live by feelings you won’t be able to fill the gap, so live by what you know.

(iv) Knowledge of the word of God generates divine wisdom in you – 2 Timothy 3:15.

(v) Wisdom derive from the word which direct you in the will of God, is a principal thing which produces principal men and woman – Proverb 4:7, Eccl. 8:1. As a child of God you don’t operate by your experiences but you operate by Divine Wisdom. Act in wisdom so that God will know how to avenge you of your enemies.

(vi)Divine wisdom through the knowledge of the word is a supernatural raw material for the building of a sound foundation of your spiritual life – Proverb 24:3 Wisdom helps you to build your spiritual life, your soul get establish in the truth (understanding). Understanding delivers you from spiritual corruption and death – Proverb 21:16, Eph. 1:17-19, Philemon 1:14.

(vii)Go for the knowledge of God. Knowledge of the word empowers you to manifest divine deposit and purposes – Proverb 24:4.

3. Revelation of God: Until you encounter God in line with his purpose for your life you remain irrelevant. Until you have a revelational encounter with Jehovah, you will not know how to conduct your life. Matt. 16:15-19.


a. Abba father reveal yourself to me, and reveal me to me in the name of Jesus.

b. Abba Father, by the knowledge of who I am in Christ, I take charge of my destiny, environment and territory in the Jesus name.


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