Sunday 19-07-2020


Scriptures: 1 Samuel 21:10-15

 Memory Verse: “Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the perilous pestilence”. Psalm 91:3.

 Central Truth:

Every position Has Opposition. Every strong progress Encounters Real Antagonism.


If you do not want to be criticized, then you cannot be a progressive person. David realized that he was not in the position to fight the king. He changed his behavior and pretended to be mad. Know this: a wise believer does not engage in battles he cannot win. Jesus Himself taught that you must count the cost before you go to war.


The greater you are:

The greater you are the greater the hatred and opposition. Human nature cannot stand the success of another. Listen, if you are not prepared for hatred, quietly resign from your position immediately. Consider the life of Elijah, he was hated and haunted because of his ministry (1Kings 18:9-11). He was one of the greatest prophets. N/B: If everybody speaks well of you, you are probably a hypocrite! (Luke 6:26).

Opposition is often a sign that you are in the will of God. Rejoice:

There is good news. The enemy would not attack a nobody or a dead piece of wood. You are a threat to them. (2 Timothy 3:12).

If you cannot handle opposition, you cannot be a strong and great believer:

Every successful man has many enemies! Know this, those who oppose you most times are familiar people.

Every New Step of Progress, Results in Fresh Hatred and opposition:

Hatred will come from angles you least imagine, as long as you are result-oriented. It is up to you, to decide whether to be daunted or not (Nehemiah 2:19).

Opposition often comes in the form of plausible Accusations:

When David spoke of killing Goliath, his brothers reacted angrily and accused him of pride and naughtiness. It is annoying that good people are often given the most wicked labels (1 Samuel 17:28). David had to handle the hatred of his “father” Saul. Hatred  should not stop you!

Develop a Hard Forehead for Opposition (Jeremiah 1:8):

Never be deterred by opposition. If the least opposition is able to stop you, then you are not ready for anything good in life.


Opposition fades away with time. You have to stand your ground and that triumphantly as you keep breaking records positively unto the Lord.

 My prayers:

Oh Lord, strength my heart. Help me to Triumph Always!


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